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Vice President of Sunmaker Oil & Gas Training Institute (Uganda) Visited XVTC

Date:2021-10-28  |  Author:Feng Dong


On October 28th, Felix Duan, Vice President of Sunmaker Oil & Gas Training Institute (Uganda), visited Xianyang Vocational & Technical College.


Wei Wenping,  Director of the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, Zhang Weiting, Dean of School of Electronic Information and relevant staff members from XVTC attended the meeting, where both parties conducted in-depth consultations on operating Sino-TanzanianYunzhi Institute, XVTC's first overseas branch. The program will offer Big Data Technology major to students in Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology in Tanzania, who will also be enrolled as international students of  XVTC. A consensus was reached on updating the joint construction agreement,  formulating the syllabus and promoting the implementation of the project.

Aiming to cultivate big data professionals who understand the Chinese language and culture and will be potential employees of Chinese enterprises in related industries in Africa, Sino-TanzanianYunzhi Instituteis one of  XVTC's active responses to the "Belt and Road" initiative, as well as the implementation of the "Double High Plan".