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XVTC Held the Debriefing About Singapore Teacher Enhancement Programme

Date:2021-11-01  |  Author:Men Pengrui

The debriefing about Singapore Teacher Enhancement Programme, including an award ceremony, was held on Oct 27. Vice-president Wu Xujin was present at the meeting which the 12 teachers from different faculties and all OIEC (Office of International Exchange and Cooperation) staff attended. The meeting was hosted by Wei Wenping, the director of OIEC.   


From the rise of CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate) process and “Modern Apprenticeship”, 3 outstanding trainees out of 12 discoursed the direction of reforming the vocational education in China. They made a briefing on Singapore’s education policies, ideas, management methods, relevant experience, etc. and concluded that several issues should be promoted such as focusing on specialty development, improving education internationalization and cultivating international faculties. Subsequently, all 12 trainees were awarded with the certificates.


In the end, Wu Xujin complimented 12 teachers and put forward several expectationskeep mutual learning, devote to “The Double High-Level initiative” (Shuanggao, the plan to construct high-level higher vocational education institutions and disciplines with Chinese characteristics is a major higher vocational development plan announced in January 2019), and serve “The Belt and Road.”