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XVTC Won First Prize in China from the 2022 BSC

Date:2022-11-24  |  Author:Zuo Jia

The 2022 BRICS Skills Competition (BSC) Final concluded in Xiamen on November 6th. Wang Liang, a student from the XVTC School of Information Engineering, won the first prize for the event of Cloud Computing in China, enabling him to obtain the bronze medal among BRICS countries. His coach, Wei Ying, was awarded the title of Outstanding Expert. Meanwhile, contestants from the XVTC School of Information Engineering, the School of Finance and Economics and the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering won third prizes in China for events of E-Marketing, Additive Manufacturing, Computer Visual Application for Artificial Intelligence and Mobile application Development respectively. XVTC ranked the first both in award level and quantity among all involved delegations in Shaanxi Province and the 19th among competitors across China.

XVTC attached great importance to 2022 BSC, focusing on understanding BSC connotation and rules, and selecting best coaches with well designed training plans. 6 XVTC teams, after assiduous trainings and selections, entered into the final in Xiamen, in which 5 of them won prizes both in China and among BRICS countries. XVTC has attained the best performance ever since its participation into this competition.

As the first of its kind hosted by China, which is the chair of BRICS this year, 2022 BSC is a joint effort of the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the BRICS Business Council and Xiamen Municipal People's Government. 2022 BSC opens 26 events for more than 3,500 participating teams from countries including Brazil, Russia, India and South Africa, and for more than 6,200 delegations from China, with the total contestants exceeding 20,000. After going through selections and competitions, some 2,500 contestants from more than 1,600 teams reached the final.