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Foreign Teacher of XVTC Delivered an English Lecture for 2022 Freshmen

Date:2022-11-16  |  Author:

On the afternoon of November 16, Nikolai Esteban, a foreign teacher of XVTC, gave a lecture on English learning for the students of Primary Education College in the lecture hall at Art Building.

The participants in this lecture are mainly 2022 freshmen, majoring in primary school education. In the lecture, Nikolai introduced relevant professional content such as differences in class structure between Chinese and foreign teaching classes, teaching group identification, and teacher role positioning through vivid slides and infectious language, combined with his experience. At the same time, he also put forward many good suggestions on the personal career development of today's college students, which won loud applause from the students. The atmosphere of the lecture was relaxed and active.

At the end, students stepped onto the podium one after another and had heated discussions with foreign teachers on related topics. Nikolai Esteban, graduated from the University of Panama and gained master's degree in Virtual Learning Environments, has rich experience in learning environments and teaching strategies.