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Chinese Paper-Cutting and Silk Road Sentiments Handed Down Intangible Cultural Heritage and National Style - the Second Class of National Conditions Education for 2023 International Students of XYPI

Date:2023-12-05  |  Author:

On December 1, the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation (OIEC), the School of Primary Education (SPE) and the School of International Education (SIE) of Xianyang Polytechnic Institute (XYPI) presented a unique national education activity for the 2023 international students, cleverly integrating intangible cultural heritage into the second classroom.

In this event, Kong Jiajun, a student of the School of Information Engineering and inheritor of intangible cultural heritage, and teachers and students of SPE and SIE introduced the history and characteristics of Chinese paper-cutting and the profound relationship with Chinese traditional culture to the international students. They not only taught the international students the basic skills of paper-cutting, but also guided them to experience the fun of paper-cutting in practice. At the same time, Chinese and foreign teachers and students conducted in-depth exchanges, sharing the folk custom background of Chinese paper-cutting and its changes and developments in different regions.

The international students not only gained a deeper understanding of Chinese paper-cut intangible cultural heritage, but also deeply experienced the warmth and charm of traditional Chinese handicrafts through on-site production and appreciation. The event fully demonstrated the beauty of tradition and craftsmanship, and also promoted exchanges and interactions between Chinese and foreign cultures.

In the context of the “new era”, the opening up of higher education to the outside world continues to deepen. Providing education about China's national conditions to international students in China has become the responsibility and mission of XYPI to fulfill the fundamental task of cultivating moral character and cultivating people. This is also an effective way to build the brand of "Study in XYPI". It is also an important part of promoting the quality improvement of education for students studying in China.