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BSK International (Germany)




BSK International is an non-profit organisation, which supports the vocational und citizen’s education, including the students’ welfare. Since 2000 we are dedicated to cross border projects of academic education of public Universities on a national and international scale.

BSK International conducts University’s international cooperation, research and science projects, international students and scientists placement and exchange, projects of collaborative settings between faculties, bilateral consultations of Universities´ representatives and education experts, academic guest lectures by foreign professors, as well as short-, mid- and long-term furtherance education projects for selected University professors.

BSK International is a partner for selected education projects for German Develop-ment Cooperation (GIZ), which are supported by various international stake holders and German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). More over, we conduct various educational projects for the chinese Ministry of Education and it´s related organisations. BSK International is a full member of Munich University Society, the promoting body of Munich University (LMU).

BSK International non-profit organisation is registered at the local court of Berlin- Charlottenburg District, registration number HRB 122807 B and is listed at the tax authority for corporate enterprises with Tax I.D 27/601/53620. The non-profit character of the organization was re-accredited by the tax authority in charge, most recently on June 17th, 2015.


The cooperation agreement between BSK and XVTC was signed in September, 2017, when the delegation from BSK visited XVTC and attended its 80thanniversary celebration.