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A Brief Introduction to Medical School


Medical School offers three majors: Higher Nursing, Medical Imaging Technology and Pharmacy. Currently there are more than 5300 students and 166 professional teachers including 72 Senior titles, 60 Intermediate titles, 5 doctorates and 74 masters in the teaching team. In addition, Medical School offers an Experimental Training Center which occupies an area of over 4400 square meters, including 33 modern training rooms and areas for practice training, health service training, medical imaging training, pharmacy training, multimedia integrated classroom, etc. All these training sites are equipped with modern first-class training and teaching equipment. Adhering to the concept of "quality first, skills oriented, technology-focused, comprehensive development", the school is aiming at developing technical skills of health service talents. Medical School is actively promoting cooperation with large hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and pension institutions, establishing 1 non-affiliated hospital, 5 teaching hospitals, as well as more than 70 hospitals for internship. It has led a way of running the school with the combination of working and learning and the integration of school and enterprise. In this way, the quality of teaching is improving continuously; the pass rate of the National Nurse Qualification Examination is over 99.5% and numerous students have been awarded in the National Vocational Skills Competition. With the leading comprehensive strength in Shaanxi province, the application rate has reached over 200%. The entire faculty is working hard to build up a characteristic school that contains brand majors, with the target of becoming the best in the province, the most famous in China , and cooperating tightly with international community.



Medical Imaging Technology

Medical Imaging Device  

The Principle of Medical Imaging  

Medical Imaging Examination Technology

Introduction to Clinical Medicine       

Medical Imaging Diagnosis Technology

Ultrasonic Diagnosis Technology

Radiotherapy Technology


Normal Human Body Structure

Normal Human Body Function



Health Assessment         

Basic Nursing

Adult Nursing          

Child Nursing

Maternal/Infant-care Nursing

Acute and Critical Nursing

Old-age Nursing        

Community Nursing

Rehabilitation Nursing


Pharmaceutical Basic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Human Anatomical Physiology

Natural Pharmacology

Practical Pharmacology

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Analysis  


Pharmaceutical Marketing

Clinical Pharmacotherapeutics

Pharmaceutical Examination Technology