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A Brief Introduction to Yizhi School of Agriculture and Forestry

Yizhi School of Agriculture and Forestry  is one of the secondary colleges affiliated to Xianyang Vocational and Technical College. The school has a long history, as well as profound cultural accumulation. The predecessor, Shaanxi Yizhi Agricultural School, which has trained tens of thousands of agricultural talents, was founded in 1939.



Over the years, adhere to the market as the guidance of employment, to the quality of teaching as the center, to enhance students' occupation ability, constantly deepen the connotation of reform, strengthen professional construction, curriculum construction, personnel training mode reform, and actively promote the school enterprise cooperation, the combination of (g), achieved remarkable results: the completion of 2 provincial key disciplines (garden technology animal husbandry and veterinary), "provincial excellent teaching team," 1 (October 2011), "the provincial teaching teacher 1 people.In the construction of the 1 - door boutique resource sharing curriculum , there are 1 provincial exquisite resource sharing courses , animal anatomy , physiology and physiology , hospital - level fine - quality and key courses 21 ( 10 + 11 ) , completed more than 120 scientific research projects , more than 120 scientific papers , and 37 training bases . The experimental training assets value is more than RMB 4 million , the external training base is 37 , which ensures that the employment rate of graduates in our hospital has been steadily 100 % in recent years , and the training of farmers and industry technicians over 3,000 times has been completed in the years, so as to provide regional economic construction Development has made a positive contribution.



animal husbandry  and veterinary

Anatomy and physiology of animal, Animal biochemistry, Animal  Microbiology, Animal nutrition and feed, Animal pharmacology, Genetic  breeding and breeding technique of animal, Animal pathology, Ordinary animal  disease prevention and control technology, The technology of animal disease  prevention, Disease prevention and control technology, Animal  production,  Animal genetic breeding and breeding technology, Pig  production,                      Cattle production  technology, Poultry production technology in veterinary medicine.

Garden  Technology

Landscape drawing and preliminary design, Landscape plant growth  and environmental art, Landscape, Landscape trees, Flower gardens, Landscape  engineering measurement, Computer aided design, Landscape plant protection,  Landscape planning and design, Landscape design, Landscape engineering,  Landscape engineering construction technology, Plant cultivation and  conservation management of garden landscape engineering, Bidding and budget.

Environmental  Art Design

Environmental art design principle, Design sketch and color,  Design basic composition, Painting geometry and perspective, Ornamental  plants, Environmental art design performance techniques AutoCAD landscape  design and performance, Engineering measurement. Architectural decoration  materials and structures, Interior design principles, Landscape engineering,  Landscape planning and design, Effect drawing making, Engineering budget  estimates and contract management.

Pet  maintenance and training

Pet anatomy physiology, Animal biochemistry, Pet appreciation,  Animal microbe, Animal pharmacology, Pet nutrition and food, Animal  pathology, Pet clinical diagnosis and treatment technology, Pet epidemic  prevention and control technology, Pet beauty and nursing, Pet behavior  psychology, Pet breeding technology, Pet training technology, Special pet  breeding, Pet environmental sanitation.