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The opening ceremony of “TVET for teachers from Seychelles” was held in XVTC

Date:2023-05-25  |  Author:

On May 23rd, the opening ceremony of “the technical and vocational education training (TVET) for teachers from Seychelles” jointly organized by Xianyang Vocational & Technical College (XVTC) and Shaanxi Institute of Technology (SIT) was held in Conference Room 225 of the Administration Building of XVTC. Ralph Pool, Raymond Jumaye and Steve Joseph, secondary school teachers of Seychelles, Zhang Jiangang, the CPC deputy secretary of XVTC, Wu Xujin, vice president of XVTC, Meng Fanzeng, vice president of SIT attended the ceremony, in which the relevant school training instructors and all the staff members of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation of XVTC participated. The ceremony was presided over by Wu Xujin.

Zhang Jiangang delivered a welcome speech. On behalf of the teachers and students of XVTC, he extended a warm welcome to the three teachers from the secondary schools of Seychelles who came to China to participate in the training. He introduced the basic situation of Xianyang City and the college, reviewed its internationalization, especially the educational exchanges and cooperation with African countries. In the meanwhile, he put forward requirements and expectations for the training. “There are broad prospects between China and Seychelles vocational education cooperation. XVTC and the new TVET school of Seychelles will surely make further progress in teacher training, academic exchanges, and foreign student training, which will deepen our cooperation and achieve fruitful results. Subsequently, such exchanges and cooperation can make greater contributions to enhancing the friendship between China and Seychelles, even build a China-Africa skill community,” he concluded.

Meng Fanzeng introduced the basic situation of SIT, then systematically summarized the institute’s international cooperation and exchanges over the years and the main achievements. Finally, he briefly explained the implementation plan of the training, and expressed his earnest expectations and best wishes.

Ralph Pool, the representative teacher of secondary schools of Seychelles, addressed the ceremony. He really felt the hospitality of Shaanxi people and the profound heritage of Chinese traditional culture. Then he expressed his heartfelt thanks to XVTC and SIT for their great support, and his best wishes for the friendship between China and Seychelles.

The training was jointly initiated by the Ministry of Education of Seychelles and the China-Africa Vocational Education Alliance. XVTC participated in it and was selected as one of the training undertaking colleges, which aims to thoroughly implement the "Belt and Road" initiative and help promote its high-quality development. Besides, it is of great significance to the improvement of the teachers’ ability and the comprehensive level of vocational education in the new TVET school of Seychelles.